How Hotel Way-Finding Signage Effects the Guest’s Experience



If you have ever been lost, struggled to find your way or decent parking, then you know that it is not a very relaxing experience. It is important for your visitors and guests to know exactly how to navigate your premises, you do not want them to have any frustrations with finding their way and impact the experience they have at your hotel.

Here are some tips to make sure your way finders are performing.


Way-finders need to seamlessly guide traffic.

It is important that traffic is guided so that your guests know where they can park and where to go for assistance. Your deliveries should also arrive in a convenient spot that isn’t in the way of visitors or patrons at the hotel. By organising your wayfinding signage in the right way you can empower your guests to efficiently guide themselves around the hotel, making them feel considered and important.

For example, the wayfinding signage we completed for Quest Hotel helps to coordinate delivery services away from the guests parking and arrival areas. This lets guests feel important knowing they have allocated parking, and your delivery guys have no problem getting in and out.

Way-finders need to adhere to health & safety regulations.

At Signwise our experienced signwriters understand the importance of Health and Safety requirements. When designing your wayfinding signage they will ensure your business is compliant, and your guests are safe in case of any unforeseen events.
For example, the safety height bars we installed for Ramada Hotels is a level above the safety signage you get off the shelf which allows the hotel to meet the safety criteria without hindering the aesthetics of the experience there.