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Signwise offers all types of interior and exterior hotel signage solutions. We work with you to create memorable brand experiences that delight your guests. 

From large external building signage to interior accent lighting and wayfinding. We have the experience and expertise you can trust to deliver your hotel signage solutions.


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Ambient Lighting, Illuminated Features & Accent Lighting.

We use diffused light in our internal signage features to create smooth illumination that is never too harsh or unpleasant to look directly into. 

Our general rule of thumb when making illuminated signs and feature signage for hotel spaces is this: If it is uncomfortable to directly look at then the light is too harsh. Harsh light will ruin the intended ambience within the space and affect the overall experience. 

By combining this type of illuminated signage elements with accent, you can improve the illumination of the entire space, be it reception, foyer or meeting rooms. 

Tinted illumination can add a lot of interest and make your guests want to take photos to be shared and tagged, increasing the digital reach and influence of the venue.

Signwise Auckland Surface solution hotel bar refit
Signwise Auckland Ramada hotel building signage

Draw People in with Bespoke Illuminated Building Signage.


The Branding and Sign Writing of your hotel says a lot about the experience that awaits potential guests. People expect quality and hygiene with a certain level of taste which is why we recommend a very clean and polished, minimal look. Nothing achieves this better than premium fabricated signage letters. This type of signage is made using premium fabrication materials like aluminium side walls and layers of light diffusion vinyl for smooth and seamless illumination.


For example, the Ramada signage we fabricated and installed is perfectly on brand with the distinct red and front face illumination but does not compete with the gorgeous architecture of the building in any way as it is simple and understated. This is a balancing act in some ways because the signage needs to grab attention without coming across as gaudy or tasteless.

Create an Experience with Vibrant Custom Wallpaper Prints

This is a great tip if you want your guests and visitors to have more photo opportunities to share your hotel. Guests are more likely to do so when they have an impressive background to add to their posts that makes them look good and your hotel look good at the same time.

Window Stickers - Signwise Auckland
Interior Signage​ - Number Signage - Signwise Auckland

Help your guests find the way with bespoke Way-finding Signage.

Make your guests feel at home by ensuring they know the way around. 


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High quality design, manufacture and installation, we will bring your brand to life. Talk to our signwriters today.