Added privacy, sun protection, or graphics for your windows

Window Film and Frosted Film

Create discreet working spaces or showcase your brand with quick and hassle free installation.

Window treatments can provide an attractive solution to your signage requirements

Signwise are experts in window film and frosted film.

Take care of health and safety concerns, marking areas to reduce accidents or adding graphics to ensure that your staff and customers are safe.

Window protection is key in the harsh New Zealand sun, by adding frosting you can reduce harmful UV rays, protecting your staff and office interior. Add full or partial to your home windows and look after your family’s skin while increasing privacy and reducing furniture fade.

Office and corporate building solutions

Customise your office with window privacy. 

Perfect for use on doors, windows or reception areas.

Add to meeting room window panels or all-glass entrances.

Create discreet working spaces while reducing glare.

Retail solutions

Perfect for retail windows, giving you additional space to promote your brand or advertise special offers. ​

Healthcare solutions

Perfect for medical facilities, designed for privacy, as a contemporary and affordable alternative to curtains and blinds.

Provide patient privacy with window frosting from Signwise. 

A hygienic solution providing privacy for Medical centre upgrades or Clinic fit outs.

Window Film and Frosting Examples

Signwise Auckland MG branded window film
Window Stickers - Signwise Auckland
Window Frosting - Graphics - internal office walls - Signwise Auckland
Window Info Stickers - Signwise Auckland

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