How to Get Customers to Spend More Money at Your Restaurant:



Signage is a powerful tool for many successful restaurants and cafes. With over 34 years of experience in bespoke restaurant signage, we have identified many signage strategies to help boost business during seasonal downtimes.

It is All About the Experience:

The better the experience, the more likely people are to linger and order more drinks or stick around for dessert. The experience of your patrons at your restaurant or cafe includes everything from the entrance and friendly service to how they find the toilet. There are so many fun and creative signage applications to use to build the experience. Here are just a few unexpected ways to add to the experience:

  • Safety Glass Vinyl Strips: Instead of using a dull stripe across the glass of your restaurant or cafe, why not try something a little more fun and suited to the experience and branding like a stained-glass effect or a pattern.
  • Attractive Toilet Signs and Wayfinding: By designing your toilet and way-finding signage in a way that reinforces the brand as well as the experience instead of buying the standard bleak off the shelf way-finders.

  • Funny and Entertaining Signage Inside The Toilet: We all secretly enjoy reading the graffiti left in toilet cubicles and signage can be used similarly to speak to your patrons in a humorous or entertaining way. The creative options are endless, from covering all the toilet wall with intricate patterns to merely having a quote or 3D text on the wall telling a joke or reinforcing the experience in some way.

These creative ideas will undoubtedly add to the overall experience and make your business a lot more memorable. A bonus is that people will be less likely to deface the toilet walls with graffiti if it is already engaging, attractive-looking and/entertaining in some way.


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