Turn your cars into moving billboards

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage is an advertising opportunity every business should use.

Cars aren’t just a way to get you from a to b but offer a superb way to market your services

From large companies with a fleet of vehicles to small businesses with just a few cars, turn yours into moving billboards and get your brand out there and noticed.

Signwise are vehicle signwriting specialists offering tailored solutions from high quality full vinyl wrapping to simple cut decals. We work with you and your branding to create memorable graphics, producing high quality and long lasting signage.

No vehicle too small, Signwise delivers top quality vehicle signage for trucks, lorries UTEs and even boats.

Below are the main areas of vehicle signage we specialise in

Vehicle Signage - Vehicle Wrapping in bright yellow cartoon style - Signwise Auckland

Boat and Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Signage - UTE signage for Top Catch - Signwise Auckland

Truck and large vehicle (van/UTE) signage

Vehicle Signage - Car Vinyl - Signwise Auckland

Car wrap and signage

Vehicle Signage - Fleet Signage - Signwise Auckland

Fleet Graphics

Vehicle Signage - Custom Decals ansd Stickers - Signwise Auckland

Custom Decals & Stickers

Vehicle Signage - Large Lorry vinyl wrap - Signwise Auckland

Lorry & Bus Graphics

Vehicle Signage - Promotional Signage - Signwise Auckland

Promotional Vinyl Graphics

We also specialise in...

Reflective Vehicle Markings

Take a look behind the scenes of vehicle wrapping and the completed vehicle,
the results speak for themselves

Vehicle Signage - Car Vinyl Wrapping Process - Signwise Auckland
Vehicle Signage - Vinyl Wrapping Completed - Signwise Auckland

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