Traffic tricks to make sure your car wrap gets seen


Vehicle signage is an excellent marketing tool often touted as a “moving billboard”. In built-up areas car signage is incredibly effective, but not if the car is tucked away in your garage!

The key is to make sure that drivers and external salespeople have the most impressive vehicle signage. The vinyl graphics you choose for the vehicles that are most often on the road will impact the visibility and impact of your branding. You want to keep your brand at the front of your customer’s mind when they are looking for their next purchase.

Vehicle Signage - UTE signage for Top Catch - Signwise Auckland

Branding vehicles that are are high end or desirable is very powerful. Usually, these fancier more expensive vehicles grab attention.

Likewise, you can associate your branding and “portable signage” with the vehicle that the vinyl graphics is applied to. For example, many eco-friendly brands will benefit greatly from putting vinyl signage on an electric vehicle of some sort.

Its is also very important to know where your “prime real estate” is on the vehicle. The best way to understand this is to talk to a signwriter but most often it is the rear of the vehicle. This is where you need your contact details and a short phrase of what your business offers.

Think about it, when are you more likely to fixate on a car? Probably when you are trailing behind it in traffic. That is why it so important that you make sure people can see your contact details and your value statement.

Vehicle Signage - Vehicle Wrapping in bright yellow cartoon style - Signwise Auckland

Another attention grabber is COLOUR and CONTRAST.

Experimenting with reflective vinyl and metallic finishes is a great way to give you vehicle branding an edge while grabbing attention without being obnoxious about it.

This is an opportunity to give your brand a little character and interaction with the community. A lot of successful businesses use creative humour to do this. For example, an X-ray supply company could incorporate a vehicle graphic on the driver door that makes the driver look x-rayed from the shoulders down.

One of our clients who work in manufacturing actually had their entire work process on the side of the vehicle in the form of a factory line graphic.

The options are limitless and the best way to brainstorm some amazing ideas is to talk to your local signwriter at Signwise.


poolwerx car with signwise auckland full vehicle wrap signage

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