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Hospitality Signage

Signage solutions for restaurants, cafes and bars

Invite customers in

At Signwise we can provide your hospitality business with custom and bespoke signage solutions ensuring high quality aesthetics that reflect your style.

Signage is important to draw in customers from the street and create the atmosphere they’re walking in to. From internal and external branding, menu boards, wayfinding and customised walls to stylish architectural touches and accent lighting, get in touch with us today and let’s light up your venue!


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How to make your hospitality venue Instagram friendly...

Your business can grow exponentially by becoming more “Insta-friendly” and one of the best ways to do that is with customised bespoke signage. 

By providing your customers with photo opportunities you are letting them do the marketing for you! People love sharing their experiences online, especially when there’s a feature to photo with. Here are a few ideas.

Neon signs

It is very difficult to take a bad photo of a neon sign. There is something about the authenticity of neon illumination that inspires people. We recommend installing a neon sign with your business name at eye level somewhere where your patrons can take a selfie in front of it.

Neon lettering signage "happy boy" in block font on side of building
Interior Signage​ - Neon Sign for White and Wongs in Red and blue with large red hanging lampshades - Signwise Auckland

Ambient Lighting, Illuminated Features & Accent Lighting.

Lighting is very important when it comes to achieving attractive and shareable photography and despite the powerful cameras in our smartphones some things just do not photograph well under the wrong kind of lighting!

Vibrant wallpaper / feature wall

Vibrant Wallpaper Designs for the Space that can easily be a stunning photo backdrop.

Window Stickers - Signwise Auckland
Menu board signage, black board with chalk menu items written and design drawn

Menu Boards

Display your menu in an original and memorable way, each and every one of your customers will be looking at it!


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Below are the main areas of hospitality signage we specialise in

Exterior Signage - Sign Writing - Park Up pop up writing on building wall Signwise Auckland

Sign Writing

Window Stickers - Signwise Auckland

Window Graphics

Interior Signage​ - Illuminated Toilet Signs - Wayfinding - Signwise Auckland

Directional Signage

Exterior Signage - Illuminated Sign for Bake My Day in large yellow letters - Signwise Auckland

Illuminated Signs

Signwise - Hospitality street signage Soho Quarter

Street Signage

Signwise Auckland - Hospitality menu signage for Kapiti Icecream

Menu Boards

Display Menu board signage, lightbox menu with food items photos and information

Light Box Menus

Exterior Signage - Neon sign - Asian restaurant name and logo in neon - Signwise Auckland

Neon Signs

Signwise Auckland Hospitality brand signage for Brew on Quay lit up at night

Brand Signage

Signwise Auckland Hopsitality Fascia Signage for White and Wongs

Fascia Panels

Huge Sardine Tin Can Signage for restaurant - made by Signwise Auckland

Street Signage

Exterior Signage - Under Verandah Sign for Avant - Signwise Auckland

Under Verandah Signs

High quality design, manufacture and installation, we will bring your brand to life. Talk to our signwriters today.