4 Tips to Improve Productivity in The Office Using Signage


To get the most out of people and employees we need to be reminded that we work very differently to machines and have very different needs and motivations for performing well at work. Some of the most successful corporations are the ones who can really tap into the human potential of their employees by humanising the corporate environment.

Here are some signage tips to help you do the same:


1. Encourage Creativity in the Office with Interesting Illuminated Signage.

Illumination done in the right way can engage people and grab attention while sparking creativity. Think of a giant illuminated letter. By emphasising just one letter in this way it sparks the mind to fill in the gaps with the millions of possible words that letter could be part of. This is constantly exercising and strengthening the creative thinking process.



2. White Board Vinyl Surfacing:

One of the products that we are specialised to install is whiteboard vinyl. This product allows you to turn any surface into a wipeable whiteboard that employees can use to collaborate with one another, plan their day out and prioritise their time. This is another strategy that works well to enhance creative problem solving and mind mapping if that is relevant to your work culture. This is also a more aesthetically attractive whiteboard option for the office than the traditional plastic-framed whiteboards make by stationary suppliers.

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3. Encourage Healthy Habits Using Custom Canvas Prints in the Lunchroom.

It goes without saying that a healthy body is a lot more productive and focused than one that is not. By incorporating messages of healthy living the lunchrooms and smoking areas you can encourage employees to live their best lives. The messaging can be designed in a way that is attractive and interesting so that it enhances the decor in the shared spaces.


4. Attractive & Interesting Window Glazing.

As signwriters, we can execute quite a lot of different and interesting designs on frosted window glazing or window film by contour cutting the film into interesting shapes and patterns or digitally printing graphics onto the frosted film the way we did for EAP services.

For EAP, they need privacy for all their offices so that they can council working staff facing difficulties with their jobs or at home. Privacy was the main objective here, but with the EAP employees dealing with difficult personal issues each day from addiction to grief and loss, it is helpful to have an uplifting work environment so that they stay productive and positive.

Some other ideas include word walls that reinforce the corporate values of the company or using various textures and colours to build interest and make the office environment more aesthetically appealing for employees to thrive in.