Why Is It Important to Use Natural Elements In Corporate Signage?


Natural elements in the workspace are proven to help reduce stress and boost productivity.

A UK study found that productivity was boosted by 15% after a little greenery had been added to the offices of their test subjects. Here are some ways we like to incorporate plants and natural elements into your signage:


The Ever Popular Plant Wall.

Plant walls are a great idea for corporate spaces. They radiate the feeling of abundance and freshness. When you pair it with some stunning 3D signage, your corporate brand become associated with those feelings which intern builds positive associations with the brand and the company.

When employees and visitors are given more positive things to associate with the company that can have positive ripple effects through the business which will strengthen the company from the inside out, starting with increased vitality and productivity in the office space and ending in better returns as a result of the increase in productivity.

For The Green office park, we design feature road sign with plant walls incorporated behind 3D illuminated text signage to enhance the experience for tenants and business owner. This solution helps the businesses that occupy the park to increase productivity and decrease stress at the same time.


Plant Lettering.

This is a fun and creative way to incorporate nature into the stereotypically “boring” office space. Make your corporate brand come to life with greenery. We can turn the logo and icon into planter boxes (depending on the simplicity of the logo design) which can allow you to fill it up with the plants of your choice.



Inset Planter Boxes for Plinth and Road Signs.

For The Green corporate park, we designed illuminated wayfinding plinths with inset planter boxes on the top. This integrated the signage into the evergreen tranquil landscape of the outdoor space shared by the businesses and tenants of the office park. This is an awesome way to reinforce all of the benefits of incorporating the natural world into a concrete commercial space. The addition of plants to these road signs help to build interest and calm within a busy shared space, which indirectly affects the way commuters use the shared space.