Increase Productivity For Your Corporate Offices With Way-Finders



A lot of time is wasted when employees and customers need to hunt down a parking spot or find the right building or level to get their meeting or destination. Badly designed wayfinding signage can only perpetuate this problem. Here are some design tips to make sure your patrons don’t waste time navigating your office and business park spaces:


Colour Coding and Numbering

Using colour correctly and clearly can help delivery people, employees and customers find their way quicker in a large building or office parks. For Oyster Central Park we used bright colours to segment the business park so that tenants and visitors can easily navigate the park and find their destination without delay.


Elaborate Way-finding Feature Signs

Who says wayfinding signage needs to be all function and no form. We have found that the way-finders that we installed for Oyster functioned a lot better when some creative flair was added to make the signage a little more interesting to the viewers. This way-finding signage is more likely to be noticed and therefore more likely to be interpreted and understood so that no one wastes time getting lost.

Another options are way-finding plinth signs which create a functional sign that is pleasing to the eye and interesting at the same time.


Painted Signage & Painted Features To Help Guide Traffic

Painted Signage is a cost-effective way to guides foot traffic and vehicle traffic through shared spaces.

Large colourful arrows point towards entrances and exits to make sure commuters stay decisive and keep traffic flowing. This type of way-finding can also be colour coded the way we did for Central Park on the parking lot entrances. Customers and employees can clearly see that they are parking in the correct spot by the colour coded painted signage accenting the entrance of each parking lot. This help reduces the stress of being uncertain where to park or having to install 200 “Parking Reserved” signs. In conclusion, painted signage has the power to guide traffic so that no time is wasted which will ensure productivity stays optimal for all tenants in the office park or building.