Using Fascia Signage To Fix Out-Dated Architecture


Fascia signage and cladding is a very cost-effective way to turn an unattractive building into something more modern and appealing to your customers.

Read more about how we improve on commercial spaces using this very versatile form of signage.


How Fascia Panelling Works:

Facia Signs are made in many different ways. Two of the most common ways are by folding a pan around an aluminium frame with fixings top and bottom or very simply using flat panels to build the custom fascia.

The frame for a folded fascia pan is custom made to be safely and securely fixed to the building. The panelling is then fixed to the secured frames to give a solid appearance that is customised to the intended final look of the building.

This type of signage can be customised to the building and finished with the right colours and textures to achieve the intended facade aesthetic. We can also add illuminated features like 3D illuminated text and halo effects to the fascia that can be changed out if needed.


How Versatile Is a Fascia Sign?

A fascia sign has to be custom-built for the building it is being fixed to which makes it a very versatile signage medium that works for bespoke signage to simple flat panel fascias (ideal for convenience stores).

Fascia signs can be used to add offer structure and support to the overall signage or it can be used to simply cover up unsightly parts of a building or it can be curved using a flat panel around a rounded side of a building. We can customise the fascia to suit almost any building and when you work with a folded fascia sign a world of illumination options and versatile applications open up, like this MG fascia signage that boasts both illuminated push through text and halo illumination at the same time.


What Is a Folded Fascia Pan and Why Is It Better Than A Flat Panel?

A folded fascia pan is a fascia sign that is folded over the frame to give the fascia strength and depth whilst also providing the benefit of negative detail featuring which makes the signage look a lot more bespoke. This also allows for more illumination options.

A flat panel fascia is an economic solution compared to a folded fascia sign, however, folded fascias open more possibilities for designs and bespoke customisation which intern delivers more value by making your business more visible and attractive to consumers with clean and interesting illuminated features and bespoke design. Folded pan fascias also have the added advantage of having less visible fixings which allow for a more polished and bespoke look. 

A Break Down Of The Benefits of Each Kind Of Fascia: 

Premium Folded Fascia Pan:

  • Illumination options:
  • Neon illumination. (Glass tubing)
  • 3D fabricated illuminated text. (LED)
  • Push through illuminated text. (LED)
  • Halo illumination. (LED)
  • RGB colour shift illumination. (Can be applied to any LED illuminated signs)

Mix and match these options as required to create more interest. 

  • Less visible fixings
  • More structurally sound
  • Digitally print anything onto the fascia.
  • More negative detail.


Standard Folded Fascia Pan:

  • Less visible fixings.
  • Cleaner look.
  • More structurally sound.
  • Digitally print anything onto the fascia


Economic Fascia Pan:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Digitally print anything onto the fascia