3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Hotels with No Noise & No Shut Down



It is important for hotels to stay modern and pristine to keep guests flowing through generating income. But completing upgrades in your hotel can be difficult when noisy power tools disturb guests. Some hotels have no choice but to shut down parts of the hotel for upgrades which just makes matters worse.

Here are some signage solutions and surface solutions available to help you upgrade your hotel spaces without any downtime.


Signwise Surface Wrap

We offer a range of high-quality surface wrap solutions that can easily and quickly upgrade your hotel. Adding exceptional textured architectural surface finishes to existing outdating décor can transform a space in a single day without the noise of power tools.

Simply wrapping a door with a more modern finish can improve the décor of a hotel room to make space feel fresher and more modern. There are architectural surface wrap options that are ideal for kitchen and kitchenette surfaces. Renovating a kitchen is expensive and noisy and this stunning product is able to transform a kitchen in a day without a lick of dust or mess because nothing needs to be replaced or demolished.

There are over 100 different colours and natural textures to choose from to easily renovate a space without any hassle, and our installation staff are expertly trained to install these products quietly and precisely for the best results.


Accent Lighting & Halo Illuminated Signage to Create Ambience

Ambience is the best way to transport your guests to a tranquil space where they can relax and unwind. In signage, we create ambience using accent lighting and halo lighting that helps to build positive feelings and associations with your hotel’s brands.

For example, the reception signage we installed for Safari House contrasts beautifully with the textured wood backing, enhanced by accent lighting around the edges of the reception desk. This is a stunning way to give visitors and guests something to remember you by.

As humans, we are driven by our emotions and ambient light has the power to harness that. For example, accent lighting around the edges of a reception desk or a halo illumination around your reception sides has the power to subtly and calmly spark emotion within your guests that is directly associated with your business. Your guests will appreciate the experience you have created using ambient light and thank with repeat business and sharing their great experience with their networks.


Custom Wallpaper to Set the Scene

An emotive backdrop or beautiful nature scene is a powerful way to upgrade spaces in your hotel because it produces emotion within your guests and adds interest and memorability.

With our high-quality latex digital printing technology, we are able to print stunning wallpaper scenes that are engaging and add to the experience of your guests stay. These wallpaper solutions photography very well which is great for advertising your hotel rooms online and on trip adviser etc to gain more visitors to your establishment with finishing options to suit your hotel design taste.