5 Amazing Reception Sign Ideas


Looking for a way to polish up the waiting or reception area so that your hotel brand can become more memorable to your guests?

Here are some stunning reception sign ideas that will upgrade the decor of the space.


1. Go Real Metallic.

We can fabricate a reception lettering sign out of sheet metal to achieve that authentic metallic look. For Oracle, we used a brushed steel finish with a bespoke halo illumination to accent the metal 3D fabricated letters. This really enhances the décor of the reception area and takes the brand to the next level. It has been paraded is several publications for the quality of the fit-out, with the sign being foremost in the picture as a decorative feature that builds interest around the brand within the space.


2. Neon Adds Personality & Warmth.

This is a great way to may space feel less cold and corporate.  For example, the Kiss Kiss neon signage we produced and installed helped to break up the coldness of the white face bricks and generally warm up the décor with some authentic pink glass neon. This is a stunning feature for events and visitors far and wide will be taking photos with this type of bespoke signage. A stunning indoor neon sign is a great investment in your reception area because neon photographs very well for social media which makes it very “shareable” which will increase the online presence of your hotel.


3. You Cannot Go Wrong with A Plant Wall.

Plant walls are a great way to decorate your reception area. It is very trendy to have your hotel branding paired with a plant wall in your reception area and is a perfect solution for hotel brands that value sustainability and eco-friendly hospitality as part of the experience that they offer. There are studies that show that natural elements like plants and raw textures surfaces can add a sense of calm and relaxation to an environment which will help your guests really unwind.


4. Cover Up A Hideous View with A Bespoke LightBox.

Some hotel spaces and reception areas have an unsightly view or a window overlooking a neighbour’s trash. This is a problem for your hotel brand when guests and visitors use your spaces and become distracted by eyesores in the environment.

Luckily, there is a solution. A bespoke illuminated fabric frame lightbox that promotes the brand can add a lot of personalities and improve the space with stunning glowing digitally printed and dye-sublimated fabric. Just have a look at the before and after picture of the fabric frame, we used for our reception area at Signwise.


5. Custom Wallpaper.

If the reception interior is looking a little monochromatic and boring, then custom digitally printed wallpaper is the solution for your hotel brand. You can print custom wallpaper that enhances the overall experience for your guests and visitors sending the right message in a way that is trendy, stylish and memorable. You can print any image pattern or design onto this type of wallpaper with the ability to choose between finishes from matte and satin to high gloss to achieve the ideal finished look that truly enhances the brand to its full potential and creates a more memorable experience for your guests to have at your establishment.