3 Ways to Improve Foot Traffic Using Illuminated Signage



There is no point in having a retail store if there aren’t enough people flowing in to do some shopping. With a solid signage strategy you can ensure customers gravitate to you. otherwise you may as well sell online!
Here we will outline the signage strategies we have used over our 30 years of experience to make sure your brick and mortar store is fully leveraged for the best possible returns.


Front Face Illumination

This is a directional type of illumination which makes it ideal for the exterior of the store. When directed at traffic with the correct level of brightness, it breaks through any city lights to stand out during the night and day.
For Silky Otter Cinemas we optimised the visibility of the exterior signage front face 3D sign light letters. We did this by using a contrasting satin black sidewall against the fabricated light up the letter, and a blue halo effect behind to further contrast the front faced illumination. This makes the signage a lot bolder at night, and is perfect for the location near the train station. By directing to the station it captures the foot traffic and guides people into the business.
Front faced illuminated letters can also be used as interior signage inside the building. Silky Otter Cinema also added illuminated signage lettering within the shopping mall to capture the attention of shoppers. So they are guiding both external commuter traffic and internal foot traffic into their business.
At Signwise we use high-quality LED modules to give front faced illuminated signs the best perfectly crisp and even lighting. Illuminated signage should optimally be legible during the day and at night.


Fascia Panels Give Your Signage More Coverage & Better Illumination:

By adding a fascia panel or backing panel to your illuminated store letter signage you can enhance the look and feel of the store. You can also add a background to the sign with a customised finish to enhance the signage by adding interest and contrast to the light-up letters.
For Tikitour we installed retail signage with a wood grain fascia backing to make the store entrance more inviting. To encourage people through the doors the fascia backing panels extend into the store. These strategies improve the likelihood of people walking into your store and enhance the brand with textures and finishes. This, in turn, makes the brand a lot more memorable to the customers which will increase repeat business rates.


Internal Illuminated Features Draw People in:

Illuminated signage is an effective way to draw people all the way into your retail store.
For Orange Theory we designed an orange LED halo backlight effect on the brand icon, bright enough to draw attention and interest without overwhelming. The illumination is easy on the eyes and adds a lot of interest and curiosity.

Another internal illuminated feature is a fabric frame lightbox. The dye sublimated digitally printed fabric allows for stunning colour saturation with a glowing illumination that brings space to life in an interesting way. This type of sign can be easily changed out for new promotions and different messaging and imagery for different occasions.