How a Plant Wall Can Improve Your Store



Plant walls are becoming more and more popular in the retail industry because of their ability to add calm to otherwise busy and noisy spaces. Installations can be customised to the brand and the shopping experience lending many benefits for the customer. Read more on how we use plant walls to enhance retail experiences.


Biophilic Design and Its Effects.

Biophilic design uses natural plant elements and is growing in popularity in retail shop fit outs for very good reasons. People need nature and we want to be close to it instinctively. With enough plants, you can turn your store into a calming getaway for your customers making them more likely to spend in a more relaxed way.
People are more likely to take photos and share experiences on social media when there are natural and aesthetically pleasing elements incorporated in the space. No one wants to take a selfie in a Countdown, but a store with a gorgeous wall of greenery as a photo backdrop makes for a great image of your experience to share with your online community.

It’s important not to underestimate the power of social media and signage. For example, the signage we produced for Big Boys Toys of the laser cut acrylic stag head and neon “Free Beer” sign was so popular that everyone took selfies with it at the event, resulting in a huge increase of supporters. Had we known beforehand how successful this sign would be at creating a memorable experience and generating more customers, we would have paired it with a bespoke plant wall and made it twice as big.


Using the Right Kind of Plants to Build Authenticity.

It is important to make sure your plant wall does not clash with the experience and aesthetic you are trying to achieve in the store. The plants should not look out of place in their surroundings. We try to pair plant types that make sense with the theme of the store. For example, a men’s boutique store would do well paired with succulents or grass. We will work with you on what is most appropriate to the experience you are trying to create for your customers.


Creating Tranquility:

It is becoming very important to incorporate natural elements into busy retail spaces to combat the stress and cut through the chaos. It goes without saying that being in and around nature has a calming effect on us naturally as humans.
Retail stores are beginning to see the advantages of incorporating more natural elements into their store fit-outs. Creating a tranquil environment will make your your customers want to return when they are feeling stressed out by the the shopping mall or car park.


Pairing Plant Walls with Illuminated Signage.

Nothing is more effective at drawing customers into your store than the right combination of illuminated signage and natural contrasting plant elements. The contrast between nature and technology is endlessly intriguing and is a great way to build customer excitement.
Not only does this signage strategy work well to grab all the right kind of attention, but it is also very customisable and can easily be tailored to achieve the aesthetic and feel that you are trying to achieve for the overall shopping experience.

This “and breath” neon sign helps to create a feeling of relaxation and calm. It would be ideal for a health and wellness store, or a boutique home décor store, where the experience is all about relaxation and getting away from your busy day for a moment to take a breath and refocus. The idea here is also clever because plants produce oxygen for us to breath.

The Hub sign and respective plant wall are in high contrast to the “and breath” sign. It reinforces feelings of cleanliness and efficiency and would be ideal in a warehouse store or a large outlet store.

A true signage craftsman could even put the garden wall inside the 3D letters for an added level of interest and unique quality like this letter “A” that is filled with beautiful succulents. This makes the experience for your shoppers much more interesting.