5 Ways Signage Can Help Drive the Sale of Electric Vehicles


1. The Importance of Strategic Illumination

We all love the feeling of experiencing a new piece of tech, it is safe to say that there is a certain type of artificial light we have associated with the exciting prospect of technological advancement.  Signage technology is always reinventing itself and advancing along with the brands and technology it needs to promote.

To express this requires a certain finesse that separates the good signwriters from the GREAT. Strategically allocating and seamless light diffusion is crucial to building that much desired high-tech aesthetic that is always tailored to the brand at hand.

2. Logo Rebranding and Refocusing Trends

Many automotive brands have reinvented their logo for 2020 to express the importance of the EV movement for the sake of technological advancement and environmental sustainability.

Crafting signage solutions that reinforce this important movement towards sustainability means choosing a signwriter that can deliver exceptional quality in terms of execution and custom fabrication while maintaining a keen eye for detail and trends.

3. Technology and Functionality over Speed and Muscle

There is no doubt that a routing engine can set many car lovers hearts ablaze, however, consumers these days seem to be leaning more towards the ability to multitask and optimise their lives through technology. This rings true for the latest in automobile technology with car play and self-parking.

The car brands’ signage needs to express this on multiple levels. The best way to do this is to choose a signwriter that will push the boundaries of traditional signwriting to achieve a look that is as exceptionally revolutionary and high tech as the brand itself.

4. Clean Personal Transport Needs a Clean Look

If your customer is in the dealership looking for a vehicle to buy they do not need the guilt of carbon emotions hanging over them. That is why so many dealerships are opting for that minimal clean retail environment.

This means that the signage that accompanies the retail space needs to be just as clean and seamless. You need a signwriter that can peel back on unnecessary information without peeling back on quality or expert craftsmanship.

This will build confidence in prospects visiting your dealership because there is a consistent level of “CLEAN” from the decor to the signage and finally to the zero-emission car that will park itself and make sure you never get into an accident if your phone rings unexpectedly while you’re driving.

5. It’s All About the Brand!

This is probably the most important part. In most automobile companies in our vast experience, there has been a team of talented marketers and individuals developing the new look of the car brand. We as signwriters need to honour that identity and stay true to it to every minute detail. From the Pantone colours down to the fonts, fabrication, light diffusion and proportions. Nothing should be overlooked or treated as unimportant if it is in the corporate guidelines.

Equally as important is the signwriter’s ability to adopt the vision of the car brand so that they can weave that vision into the fabric of the space that the brand needs to sell in. This is very important in terms of attention to detail. This attention to detail will pay off in the long term when your salesmen feel the car brand itself coursing through their veins as they sell with as much conviction as the aesthetic of the building and space that they sell within conveys.­


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