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Make your dealership stand out

We will work with you to craft signage that highlights your brand with our experienced designers, manufacturers and installers.

Landmark your brand using signage to stand out. Shine through the chaos of a busy street and become a standout landmark.

Think plylons, plinths, accent lighting, fascias and more.



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Landmarking your showroom

Our focus as signwriters is to optimise signage for landmarking using a combination of strategic illumination, positioning and expert experience to take full advantage of your store/dealership location.

Signwise are experts in textures, finishes and various illuminated features highlighting the minimal aspects of the brand and pylon.

Case Study: MG Pylon

The MG pylon was created using elements that compliment the brand and the vehicles. The iconic MG red with a sleek silver stands out while providing ample breathing room for the viewers eyes to rest and take note. The red accented sides make the pylon seem taller, creating a visual flow that cuts through road and building chaos. The branding can be absorbed, enjoyed and remembered, having a positive affect on sales.

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Exterior Signage - Plinth Signage for MG Motors - Signwise Auckland
Tristram European building exterior illuminated signage - fabricated and installed by Signwise Auckland

Case study: Tristram VW accent lighting

Accent lighting highlights the most attractive features of a building to make them stand out. Our clients at Tristram VW pull this off with ease by highlighting the arches of the entrances, complimenting the building signage and giving a futuristic and attractive appeal.

Accent lighting also showcases the gorgeous cars within by reflecting off the curves of the vehicle and enhancing the “shiney newness” of each car.

This also opens more opportunities for creative and interesting photography that can be used to promote vehicles and dealerships/stores online.


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How to make your showroom shine...

Halo Lighting

Halo lighting is a more subtle lighting effect used in signage which makes it ideal for inside the showroom and is usually incorporated into the decor. This is a perfect way to subtly remind your customers of your brand.


The last thing you want is a customer avoiding you because they cannot find a parking spot, or they do not know where your entrance is. Many dealers use smartly branded plinths to guide their customers through the shortest and most convenient route towards the sale. 

Neon Sells Nostalgia and Nostalgia Sells.

If the brand of car that you are selling has a rich history, like Aston Martin, or you just want to send the specific message that your trusted brand has been around for a long time. Then neon can become your secret power to selling more cars.

Car wraps and vinyl signage solutions

We offer signage across all types of vehicles, from cars to boats, trucks and more. Get your brand mobile with customised vinyl wraps and designs from Signwise. 

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High quality design, manufacture and installation, we will bring your brand to life. Talk to our signwriters today.