7 Ways to Recycle your Event Displays


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To provide you with some insight on event displays, what to look for, and how to get the most out of them read on!

1. Invest in high-quality hardware.

Display signage system and pop up event display systems have come a long way. There are high quality solutions available today that increase the versatility and durability of your event display and trade show booth signage. Insist on seeing a demonstration of some of the offerings out there before making purchasing decisions and if you can set the displays up yourself to get an idea of how sturdy the frames and hardware is.

2. Does your signage supplier offer repair solutions?

It is very important that your signage provider is able to repair your display hardware for your pop up booths. This is an indicator that the portable pop up trade banners you are investing in is of good enough long-lasting quality that it is worth repairing as opposed to just chucking in the bin.

3. How easy is it to replace the skin?

The best way to maximise your portable displays is to re-skin them with new messaging for different occasions like corporate events or trade shows – perhaps even for your showroom or retail space if you have one. A lot of very forward-thinking business people reuse their display and promo signage in their waiting area or reception where their regular customers can see it and engage with the tailored messaging. This is also a great way to spruce up your interior business space.

4. Think like an interior designer…

When planning your event space or your trade show booth it is important to consider how people interact with space. The best advice here is to do a little research on some interior design basics to find out how to capitalise on your displays by making them usable in various spaces that your clientele may be interacting with. What mood are you trying to create? How can you use colours and design to draw people in and create interest?

5. Encourage social media engagement with your brand.

You can print almost anything on a portable display wall. Why not print something worth posting a selfie about and tagging all over social media? Perhaps is a backdrop of a beautiful forest setting or an optical illusion of some sort. These are all great ideas to build communities of online engagement around your brand by making your displays function in a fun and interactive way.

6. Get with the times.

These days it is very important to be environmentally responsible. Events and trade show signage is notorious for being very wasteful. Once the event is overall the booth displays is chucked straight into the bin. When choosing a display or portable pop up booth system it is always more responsible to purchase something that is simply too good to through away after the first use. Many of the latest portage signage technology, while being more expensive, is very versatile in the hands of someone who can truly thing out the box.

7. Take the fun with you to the office.

Many businesses and brands that participate in corporate or trade show events create valuable memories together and build a lot of relationships through fun interactive engagement with the company and the brand as well as each other. By investing in portable signage systems that are good looking enough to use in your office or reception space you gain the power of bringing those memories and camaraderie into the workplace which is very powerful when trying to maintain good attitudes amongst team members. Memories are valuable to every person. By building and celebrating these memories builds success for your business. Some people event keep their event signage in their staff lunch rooms to keep people connected and nostalgic about the relationships built with their company.