8 Ways To Use A Portable Light Box


The advantages of portable lightbox systems are that they are designed to be very versatile and flexibly interchangeable, great news for the environment and for you in terms of uncovering new opportunities to promote.

1. The Great Wall of Modular Promo Signage:

A little known use of these systems is the modular function. You can join as many of them together in any pattern or layout to create walls that help build interesting and interactive spaces while displaying your promotional messaging.


2. Set Them Up for Your Team Functions:

Luckily with these fabric frame stretch systems, you can reuse the hardware and produce as many different digitally printed skins as you like. So why not use them for your team functions too? Having a fancy dress party? Get a skin printed that can be used as a backdrop for selfies or to put at the entrance to the venue to entertain with some interesting imagery or wording. You don’t need a graphic designer for this if you have a clear idea of the design without too many nitty-gritty details. Your signwriter will be more than happy to put together a quick and simple design that is print-ready, at the fraction of the cost of a graphic designer’s services.



3. Set the scene for the products on display:

The interchangeability of these fabric lightbox systems allows you to replace the skins with different backdrops or scenes that you can bring to life with internal illumination. Just launch a new four-wheel-drive model in your dealership? Getting a forest scene printed on a new set of skins to put behind the new model on display to set the scene for the many features available for that model. Or if you are launching a new coupe, use your hardware to illuminate new skins of a city life backdrop, setting the scene for that model and its features.


4. Create an unforgettable experience:

This is a powerful way to build relationships and be more memorable because you can reuse the fabric frame lightbox hardware for themed messaging that encourages people to hashtag on Instagram or to enter a competition of some sort. The theme or idea (for example, a mad hatter theme or a James Bond theme) can very easily be printed and displayed very smartly and effectively. This will create an experience for people that is memorable and memorability is powerful for generating sales.


5. Reuse hardware as a party decoration:

With the replacement skins being relatively cheap to produce, it is easy to print fun decorative images to make your social gatherings and parties just that much more vibrant and interesting. For example, this vibrant colour exploding image that was simply downloaded from Shutterstock serves as a great party decoration sets the mood for perhaps a Mardi Gras party or a 21st birthday party.


6. Quick and easy safety signage (that looks smart)

There are times where we need to amp up our safety efforts (C19). Having a set of versatile reusable display hardware that is long-lasting is one way to ensure that you always have a way to easily and cost-effectively get your safety message across without compromising on the style or aesthetic of your showroom or retail space. It is as simple as printing new skins with your safety messaging on it and propping up the hardware with the respective skins where it is visible to your customers that visit.


7. Use your display assets for directing walk through traffic.

Because these illuminated fabric frame systems are so easily interchangeable, it is easy to use them to direct traffic at large events and then change the directional messaging as needed. These are very handy tools to have when you are hosting an event in your showroom or retail space or doing a black Friday sale. It is particularly useful when you are expecting to deal with a large amount of walk through traffic that needs to flow seamlessly through space without causing any chaos.


8. Display large products that don’t fit in the showroom.

Perhaps you have product offerings that are too large to keep on display or that are so specific they are only in-store when an order is placed. Have them on display anyway by printing attractive photographs of those offered on the display skins to maximise the use of the hardware frame.