8 Funny Signage Fails and How To Avoid Them


Hilarious Signage Fails, and our expert opinion on what not to do!

You Hurt?

SurferChick via Imgur
Many things could have gone wrong here but our guess would be either cheap LED modules and drivers, or poor wiring have lead to some of the letters losing their illumination.

Very “fashion-forward”

SamanthaLyn16 via Imgur
This is clearly a design issue caused by a signwriter that probably has no qualified graphic designers on their team…

We avoid this issue by assessing the typographic layout of the logo on a sign. Our designers are experts at making some of the weirdest logos fit on some of the most obscure signage proportions without losing legibility.

That’s Comforting…

Via Pinterest:
This is an issue that should have been picked up during the installation process of the vinyl decals. A good signwriter will check how people navigate your building when dealing with way-finding signage. Way-finding signage projects require a meticulous attention to detail to make sure people commute with ease and without their career ending up the toilet…

Lost in Translation.

The Curious Diary of Mr Jam – 12 of the funniest signs this week:
Superluminal1 via Bored Panda
Aotearoa is vast with language and cultural vibrancy and is one of the many reasons why we are so strong as a nation.
That said, it is advisable to double check spelling and grammar in ALL your signage. Many New Zealanders speak more than one language and mistakes are bound to happen. A good signwriter knows to double and triple check spelling and grammar.

Careful the Correction:

15 Misspelt signs – Oddee
When vinyl lettering is removed it sometimes leaves a sticky residue behind that needs to be tidied up using soapy water or mineral turpentine, otherwise, the stickiness will collect dusk and become visible again.

When Your Neon Runs Out of Mileage…

Crazy Funny Photos – via Blogspot
Glass tube neon generally lasts quite long (at least 10 years) but it is always best to make sure you double-check that nothing strange is going on with your signage if something gives out.

Typo Tragedy:

Provenzer0 via Bored Panda
It is clear that whoever designed these way-finders and warning signs were in a hurry. The team of installers were probably also very rushed and missed this small mistake that was probably repeated 50 times across a parking lot. The solution here is organisation.

Choose a signwriter that stays on top of things.

Positioning is everything:

34 Times Advertisement On Vehicles Fails Was Noticed A Little Bit Too Late – Bored Panda
Admittedly some signage installers have deliberately positioned the signage in a way that is problematic but mostly tends to happen with doors and windows that need to open and close. This is something you can double check yourself if you are thinking of getting signage for your fleet. An experienced graphic designer will also know to check these details and bring it up with the client like we have had to in the past before installing anything that may be problematic.