7 Free Hidden Advertising Spaces in Your Branded Dealership


When sales need a boost in your car dealership, signwriters have a plethora of signage tools to do just that utilising hidden spaces for promotional messaging.

Here are five free spaces to advertise your promotional message that you may not know about.

1. The Fence Around Your Brand Dealership.

If you have a fence around your dealership then there is a huge opportunity for PVC mesh banners. PVC mesh banners are a powerful tool to get your promotional message out there effectively.

The great thing about PVC mesh banners is there are few council restrictions around this type of outdoor signage because it doesn’t impede traffic and is a temporary form of signage.

These banners are highly durable and very easy to install, which makes them a cost-effective solution to let the drivers passing by know that there is a sale or a new model in the showroom that they need to test drive.

2. Windows.

Large glass windows are “prime real estate” for promotional messaging.

We can print any promotional message on temporary one-way vinyl that will promote using the windows of the branded building. The windows we did for MG Winger is a great example of how to leverage the windows space as promotional advertising space.

This strategy is particularly effective for those dealers that don’t have a lot of indoor showroom space but is equally as effective for getting your promotional message across while offering more privacy to the office space without losing the ability to see out of the windows (hence One Way Vision Vinyl).

This type of product can go up in a day (depending on the size of the window) and can be layered with different textures and reflective elements that grab more attention and increase nighttime visibility.

An added advantage here is the ability to reuse rented space for different brands. This means you can fully utilise the valuable rented/paid for retail space at your disposal.


3. Your Showroom Is Your Stage.

There are many ways that your showroom can be optimised to push promotional messaging. For example, giant 3d cut out letters saying “SALE” next to the brand new model displayed as close to the window as possible is a fun way to let people know that you are trying to move more stock.

Some other strategies include light-boxes and fabric frames. These solutions offer interchangeable graphics which is perfect for adapting promotional messages with the season. This changeable signage solution is a great investment because you can easily and quickly change-out high-quality signage to suit your current objectives. With older signage technology, it was not possible to have such flexibility without the compromise of a polished finished look (which tended to tarnish the brand’s reputation). 

In addition to that, the type of light-boxes we produce can be freestanding, allowing you to move the promotional signage and it’s messaging to more optimal positions, setting the stage for the next sale.


4. Your Demo Models or Courtesy Car.

When your customer is going out for a test drive, it is really powerful to have some tasteful promotional graphics applied to the demo car model with some details promoting the best features of the model. This reminds the customer of all the positive aspects to keep in mind during the test drive and is a moving billboard that is pretty much free advertising. 

By reinforcing your promotional messaging while you have the customer there and ready to buy you gain the opportunity to mind them of promotional strategies like “for a limited time” of “while stocks last”. This brings about a sense of urgency to the prospective new car buyer in a way that is subtle and effective which takes away the need for the salesperson to be as “pushy”.


5. Outdoor & Indoor Portable Signage Solutions.

Besides being able to use portable signage solutions for setting the stage of your showroom, they can be really handy when certain opportunities arise for you to promote free of charge.

Perhaps it is a school event and you are on the planning committee or a community sports event? Maybe you belong to a golf club or bowling club and can leverage your portable signage assets at “fun days” and family events. Many dealership principles also belong to business networking groups that hold events and when those events come along it is a huge advantage and opportunity to showcase your dealership’s latest models and features using punchy displays that just make the event that much more interesting and exciting.

Portable signage solutions allow you to invest in a set of high-quality durable portable hardware that can be reused and re-skinned for different car brands, shows, situations and events etc. We love using this type of signage because it is endlessly versatile. At Signwise we use these signs to promote our own brand and products when the opportunity arises (more often than not)


6. The Floor Itself.

Floor graphics are a really fun and cheap way to interact with your customers using signage, and the options are endless.

The great thing about promoting this way is that you can just have fun with it. Print footsteps in the shape of monster feet or tire tracks guiding customers to the biggest and “baddest” four-wheel drive on the floor. By making the promotional sale process fun in this way you can engage more on a human level with potential buyers, creating more opportunity for humour which builds trust and breaks the ice between your sales professionals and the buyer.


7. Boutique Signage.

This is another great way to add more fun to the sales process. Boutique signage is powerful in that it promotes using a more subtle approach. Like this illuminated street directional way-finding sign that we designed for VW.

These specialised promotional signs are designed to add to or create the brand experience for the customer which increases memorability and stimulates long term loyalty. There are so many possibilities for custom boutique signs that can help to instil good moral character within the business and the brand. This is great for business because it gets people talking in person and online.


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